Jonny Bruton

Jonny is Co-Director at Fitness Equipment Cork. Jonny has always known the benefit of regular training and good nutrition. As an Irish Hockey International with over 50 caps representing his country, he is passionate about offering customers the opportunity to get fit without leaving their home. Jonny is a business owner who, since the Covid 19 pandemic struck, works from home.
Fitness Equipment Cork products have allowed him to continue his exercise plan, without the need for a gym membership.

Sarah Bruton

Sarah is Co- Director of Fitness Equipment Cork. She is a busy business owner, fitness enthusiast and busy mum. As a mum who works from home, Sarah rarely has the time to go to the gym. Instead she uses our home gym equipment to workout between baby nap time and work time. Sarah and Jonny also own a Personal Training gym in Dublin called SMART Training
( and run Corporate Fitness services


Jonny & Sarah Bruton