Top Fitness Equipment to bring Travelling!

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Top Fitness Equipment to bring Travelling!

After 16 months of being stuck at home, we finally have the freedom to set off. Whether you are packing the car and hitting the road for an Irish adventure or taking to the skies heading for sunnier climates, Fitness Equipment Cork have you covered. We have the top portable fitness equipment items to bring with you on your travels, ensuring that you can continue to train, regardless of your surroundings. 


1. Power Bands


Power bands are the next best thing when you don’t have access to your usual assortment of kettlebells, weights, and cardio equipment.

Fitness Equipment Cork resistance bands are made from superior quality materials and are easy on the skin, making them perfect for physical therapy and individuals suffering from leg, knee, and even back injuries. Highly portable and incredibly effective, this resistance exercise band set is great for use both at home and away. The set includes four different bands offering various levels of resistance.


2. Suspension Trainer

Suspension straps have popped up in gyms all across the country, and with good reason: they provide a variable and effective workout. You can target all your muscle groups in a variety of exercises. 

The suspension kit is a little heavier than the other items on this list, but makes up for it with its versatility and thoroughness. The straps can be anchored to doorways, rafters, or if you want to take your workout outdoors while on the road, poles/posts/trees/playgrounds.


3. Resistance Band Set

For beginners and experts alike, the resistance bands are stackable and can be combined to allow you to achieve the highest levels of resistance intensity possible. Simple, powerful, versatile - the workout possibilities are endless. These professional-standard Resistance Bands are the perfect addition to any training session, or use them on their own for an intense full-body workout. The set is light and portable making it an excellent option to travel with. 


4. Recovery and Stretching

If you exercise a lot then you may use a foam roller for ironing out knots in your fascia. When travelling, our Fitness Equipment Cork Foam Roller are a cost effective option at €15. It is virtually weightless and really helps to massage and release all over muscle tension.The last thing you want on holiday is to pick up an injury so recovery is massively important. Our Peanut Massage Balls are also a great space saving alternative. 

Foam Rollers