What's So Special About Kettlebells Anyway?

Posted by Jonny Bruton on

What's So Special About Kettlebells Anyway?

I started training with Kettlebells about 10 years ago and am now completely hooked. Kettlebells are the cannon ball shaped workout tool that should be added to any home workout where the goal is to get fitter, stronger and leaner without spending too much time training. What's even better is that those living in Cork city can now get your Kettlebell with free next day delivery.

It's easy to cite many of the benefits for using Kettlebells in your homework out. Firstly they are small(ish), so easy to store for home workouts. They are versatile, meaning that you can use them to create a whole body workout. They are great for creating a maximum effort workout with very little time, making them an efficient piece of equipment. Finally they can help you build strength, mobility, and improve your conditioning as every exercise with a bell is a full body exercise.

Working out with Fitness Equipment Cork's Kettlebells is the definition of what fitness pros call a "functional" workout. That means it works your muscles in the same way as when you do everyday activities, like picking up a toddler, carrying your laptop bag, hoisting the shopping bags or lugging from the boot. One major difference between traditional weights and Kettlebells is that while you try to avoid "cheating" by using momentum in everyday dumbbell moves, Kettlebells are all about creating—and controlling—momentum. By swinging the bell in different patterns, and then controlling the momentum to change directions, you tap into big powerhouse muscles (like your legs and glutes) and smaller stability muscles (like your abs) throughout the workout. This means that while Kettlebell workouts tone and tighten your whole body, they also burn a lot of calories. Research suggests that a 20 minute Kettlebell workout on average burns about 400 calories. This is similar to the calories burnt running a six minute mile pace for twenty minutes.

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