FREE Kinesiology Tape with Every Purchase

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FREE Kinesiology Tape with Every Purchase

Fitness Equipment Cork offer FREE Kinesiology Tape with every purchase made. But what is Kinesiology Tape?

The original Kinesiology Tape was developed in the late 1970s by a Japanese chiropractor who wanted a tape that provided support but didn’t limit movement the way traditional athletic tapes do.

If you’ve watched a volleyball game or competitive bicycle race, you’ve probably seen it: strips of colorful tape splayed in patterns across shoulders, knees, backs, and abs. That’s Kinesiology Tape: a therapeutic tape that’s applied strategically to the body to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling, and improve performance.

How Does it Work?

Kinesiology Tape is designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity so you can use your full range of motion. The tape’s medical-grade adhesive is also water-resistant and strong enough to stay on for three to five days, even while you work out or take showers.

When the tape is applied to your body, it recoils slightly, gently lifting your skin. It is believed that this helps to create a microscopic space between your skin and the tissues underneath it.

Is Kinesiology Tape just for Atheletes?

Kinesiology Tape is not just for atheletes. It has a range of different uses including helping to decrease pain and muscle spasm that may occur after injury, helping to decrease the swelling of an injury by decreasing pressure between the skin and underlying tissues, allowing a pathway for excess fluid to travel and provide stability and support to an injury while still allowing range of motion.

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