12 Reasons to Workout at Home

Posted by Jonny Bruton on

12 Reasons to Workout at Home
  1. No monthly gym fees required.
  2. For some being in a gym can magnify insecurities. Working out in your back garden or spare bedroom means that you don't have to feel self conscious using a new piece of equipment or learning a new movement. 
  3. It can be inexpensive (basic equipment such as an exercise mat, dumbbells and a stability ball from Fitness Equipment Cork is relatively inexpensive in comparison to annual gym memberships).
  4. You don't have to deal with those that don't get gym etiquette. The dumbbell hoarders, the ones that belch or pass wind loudly while they listen to music on their earphones (just because you can't hear it doesn't mean we can't), the ones that set up their workout right beside you in an empty gym, the grunters, the singers, the ones that chew gum with their mouth open, the ones that don't wipe down their equipment afterwards and the ones that drop their weights from shoulder height. 
  5. Working out from home saves time by eliminating traveling to and from the gym.
  6. No excuses. Forgetting clothes is the one of the most common reasons people skip workouts. Working out at home means you will never have a reason to miss a workout.
  7. Convenience — your training facility is always available whenever you feel like exercising. This is a big benefit given that most gyms now require you to book slots to workout since the Covid 19 pandemic hit. 
  8. You provide the entertainment. No more listening to other peoples idea of workout music blaring over outdated gym music systems. If you want to do Tricep dips Taylor Swift or squat to Scooter you can go right ahead without any shame. 
  9. There is no queuing to use your favorite piece of gym equipment.
  10. Since becoming a mom, showing my son that fitness should be a priority is important to me. I want him to grow up valuing exercise and health and so him seeing me workout at home is just an added bonus.
  11. There is no anxiety around sharing equipment with others or passing germs in the open gym environment.
  12. There is no need to wear a mask.